Weighing load cells
Single point weighing load cells
Bending or Shear beam weighing load cells
Tension and compression weighing load cells
Compression weighing load cells
Load pins
Digital weighing load cells
Accessories for load cells mounting
Force Sensors
Force sensors in Tension-Compression
Force sensors in compression
Load pins
Dual-axis force & torque sensor
Accessories for force sensors
Torque Sensors
Static torquemeters
Static or rotating torquemeters
Dual-axis force & torque sensor
Accessories for torque sensors
Displacement Sensors
Linear displacement sensors
Rotating displacement sensors
Accessories for displacement sensors
Strain transducers
Extensometers, Strain sensors
Pressure, Level Sensors
Pressure transmitter
Level transmitter
Level datalogger
Fiber Optic sensors
Data acquisition systems for optical fiber sensors
Optical fiber strain gauges
Fiber optics displacement sensors
Fiber optics tilt-meters
Fiber optics accelerometers
Optical fiber temperature sensors
Electronics, Software
ENOD Weighing controllers
Weighing indicators, weighing terminals
Process indicators
Weighing modules for M580 PLC
Conditionners for strain gauge sensors
Data logger system
Cables & connections, electronic accessories
Data acquisition, setup software
ATEX weighing chain
Custom Solutions
Products for medical devices
Products for aircraft industry
Factory Calibration
3D CAD drawings
Return material
Fiber optics measurement
Marine & Offshore
Civil engineering
Wind energy
Oil and gas
Weighing & Dosing
Tanks hoppers and silos weighing
Filling, Batch dosing
Continuous belt weighing
Loss-in-weight feeders
Scales manufacturing
Vehicule weighing
Weighing for lifting equipment
Level measurement with extensometers
Hygienic and aseptic weighing
Weighing in Hazardous area
Force measurement
Control on press
Web tension measurement
Lifting, safety
Mesure en traction
Torque measurement
Production control
Strain Measurement
Mechanical manufacturing processes
Level measurement with extensometers
Infusion pump
Dental chair
Hospital bed
Patient hoist
Flight recorders
Helicopter and airplane weighing
Releave devices for helicopter hook
Aircraft flight controls
Structural tests, Production
Missiles and rockets
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Distributor documents
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