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Filling Dosing accurately at very high speed

Our solutions provide speed, precision and functions specially adapted to dosing by filling or by unloading.

Our AXD-D digital load cell and the eNod3-D digital transmitter provide advanced dosing functinalities.

Especially designed to communicate with automated systems, AXD-D and eNod3-D offer the right solution for many applications :

  • 2 feeds dosing with automatic inflight correction
  • Dosing into agitated vessels thanks to filtering functions
  • Batching control in parallel including recipe handling 
HEMA Rotary gravimetric weight filler with SCAIME digital load cell AXD Rotary weight filler

Rotary filling machine with SCAIME AXD digital load cellEach dosing chanel includes an AXD-D digital load cell connected to a PLC via a CANOpen network.

  • The Hema PLC controls the global process, drives, and also sends the recipe parameters to the AXD-D.

  • The AXD-D takes care of weighing measurement tasks and filling control.

  • The real time exchanges between load cells and PLC are a key factor to reach high speed and high accuracy filling.

Each device is dedicated to specialised tasks for which it is ideally fitted, so this architecture provides a high performance system.
HEMA rotary weigh filler with SCAIME Load cells

SOLSIN rotary filling machine with SCAIME eNod3 weighing controller Filling of fish cans with eNod3-D

In this application, the rotary filling machine includes 8 heads equiped with full stainless steel and welded (IP68) AK load cells with 12 kg capacities. Each load cell is connected to a dosing controller eNod3-D taking in charge all the filling process :

  • Process management with parameters sent by the PLC
  • Filling controll with 2 feeds and inflight automatic correction
  • Filling tolerance management at the end of the cycle
  • Direct drive command with eNod digital output

CERAM dosing and mixing system with weighing controller SCAIME eNod3 Parallel Dosing-Mixing with eNod3-D

The system include two hoppers for the powders storage, each are equipped with load cells and 1 eNod3-D for dosing control. A third hopper is dedicated to receive and mix the batch after dosing. The mixed material feeds in continuous an extruder.

In this solution, a PLC take care of general system controlling. All the weighing measurement task are sub-contracted to eNod3-D.
To fill the hopper where the powders are mixed, the PLC send dosing parameters to the 2 eNod3-D. Each eNod3-D works in parallel and take care of dosing batch control by unloading.

This application has been realized in collaboration with Schneider Electric.

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