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Accessories We offer all elements necessary for you to build up a reliable measurement system.
Our range of accessories, cables and junction boxes use very high quality materials so that they can be installed in industrial environments.
Some of our products are also ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas.
ALCJB-1 ALCJB1 Junction box for analog load cells 1 load cell -
ALCJB-D4 ALCJB-D4 Junction board for load cells 4 load cells -
ALCJB-A ALCJB-A Junction box for analog load cells 4, 6, 8 load cells, lightning protection -
ALCJB-X4 ALCJB-X4 Stainless steel junction box for load cells 4 load cells -
DLCJB-A DLCJB-A Junction box for digital load cells Up to 8 or 10 load cells -
Analog cable Analog cable Connection cable for analog load cells 6-wire shielded connection -
Digital cable Digital cable Connection cable for digital load cells 3 twisted pairs -
AXD-AAD cable Cable AXD-AAD Cable for AXD and AAD load cells wiring 5 m connector M12 -
DSP DSP Din Rail power supply 110-230 Vac / 24 Vdc -
ENC ENC Enclosure for PAX indicators Steel, IP65 -
ENC ENC 50 Wall mounting box for IP50-DIN Plastic box, IP55 -
TP200 TP200 Panel printer for IPC50, IPE50 thermal 24/40 col. -
USB-RS485 converter  for eNod3 and AXD-AAD load cell RS485-USB RS485/RS422 - USB converter RS485 2-wire or RS422 4-wire -
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