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Calibration Whenever you use a measurement instrument in any process, you need to be sure that your results are correct and precise.
With correct calibration and means tied to standards, you can:
    • certify the accuracy
    • guarantee the specifications of your equipment

Due to its many means tied to national standards, SCAIME can make calibrations of weighing, force, torque, pressure and linear displacement measurement systems.
Weighing calibration Calibration kg Weighing calibration 6 t in tension, 20 t in compression < ±0.02%
Force calibration Calibration N Force calibration 5 N to 1 000 KN in tension-compression < ±0.1%
Torque calibration Calibration Nm Torque calibration 0.03 Nm to 5 000 Nm < ±0.1%
Pressure calibration Calibration Pa Pressure calibration 500 Pa to 60 KPa in relative pressure up to < ±0.02%
Linear displacement calibration Calibration m Linear displacement calibration 50 mm to 50 m < ±18 µm
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