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Pressure transmitter

Our pressure transmitters are able to measure relative or absolute pressures and vacuums of up to 1 B with an accuracy of 0.1%.
We offer many customization levels to best satisfy your need: pressure fittings, connections, output signals (mV/V, 0/5 V, 0/10 V, 4/20 mA), measurement ranges, anti water hammer systems, version for use in explosive atmosphere.

For further details about this product range, please set contact with our Sales Department by clicking on the "Contact" icon at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

ATM ATM 1st Pressure sensor / transmitter with very high accuracy -1 Bar to 1 000 Bar 0.05% à 0.25%
ATM ATM ECO Pressure sensor / transmitter with high accuracy -1 Bar to 1 000 Bar 0.25 to 0.1%
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