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Deformation sensors

The user benefits from many advantages associated with the patented mechanical principle of the EPSIMETAL sensor used with digitally adjustable conditioning electronics:
    • very fast installation by gluing or screwing
    • stress measurement range from 0.02 to 35 daN/mm² (0.1 to 1500 µm/m)
    • digital compensation for thermal expansion of the support
    • disassembly and reuse possible
    • very stable signal with no drift
    • fast response in dynamic measurement
    • excellent return to zero, with no slip

Epsimetal EPSIMETAL mV Miniature extensometer, mV output 1 000 µm/m 1%
EPSI AX-V EPSI AX-V Stainless steel IP68 extensometer, V/mA out 1000 µm/m 1.5%
EPSI AX-mV EPSI AX-mV Stainless steel IP68 extensometer, mV output 1 000 µm/m 1,5%
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