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Continuous weighing, Loss-in-weight feeders

Contrôle de débit
±500 000 d, 200 meas/s
eNod4-B for belt scales and belt weigh feeders

  • Up to 8 load cells conditioning
  • Several levels of digital filtering to eliminate vibrations
  • Failure detection device of load cell input
  • Continuous flow rate and weight total calculation
  • Flow control with built-in self-adjustable PID
  • Automatic control of feeder refilling
  • 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs for the dosing process control
  • Analog output 0-10V or 4-20mA (IO+ option)
  • PLC link RS485, CAN or PROFIBUS
  • PC or HMI link in RS485 or USB

Slideshare eNod4 

CE CANOpen Modbus Profibus  
eNod4-F offers advanced interfaces and functionnalities to build a loss-in-weight gravimetric dosing scale:

Functions of differential dosing:

  • Loss-in-weight calculation of the flow rate
  • Calculation of the totalized continuous weight
  • Totalization by pulse output
  • Monitoring of a flow set point an target total
  • Flow rate monitoring by PID controller.
  • Automatic set-up of PID controller
  • Automatic control of gravimetric dosing phases and refilling phases

enod4-F continuous weighing, loss-in-weight feeders

eNodView software allows calibration and programming of eNod controller range. It's also a powerful tool for signal acquisition and analysis:

  • Grafic signal display in time and frequency
  • Simulation and adjustment of eNod integrated digital filters
  • Graphic visualization of the flow rate and of the PID control output
enodview for setup of loss-in-weight feeders, continuous weighing
Analog cable
Analog cable
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Multi-Channel TouchScreen for eNod4
Multi-Channel TouchScreen for eNod4
Windows PC software for eNod, AXD, AAD, DVX, DVS
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