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counting machines Robustness and performance at the right price

We have been cooperating with the largest scale manufacturers for more than twenty years, providing them with the best components for their products.

We produce load cells, electronics and many accessories specially designed for the construction of industrial and commercial scales: retail scales, postal scales, counting machines, medical scales and industrial weighing platforms.

These components are approved for trade transactions (OIML, NTEP) and are available in different materials and protection levels for use in the most difficult environments.   
single-cell scales SINGLE-CELL SCALES

medical scaleSingle point load cells are characterized by independent measurement from the position of the load on the platform. They are ideal for making retail scales, postal scale and medical scales.

Our wide range of load cells is sufficient to make most single-cell scales, regardless of their environment and their use.

• Capacity from 200 g to 1 500 kg
• Platform size up to 1 000x1 000mm
• Accuracy  up to 6 000d according to OIML R60
• ATEX approval for use in hazardous areas

For harsh environments
The AK load cell is made of stainless steel and is IP68 welded seal, making it an ideal solution for weighing in a wet or aggressive environment.
It can be used to make scales from 6 to 300 kg with a platform size of up to 600x600 mm.

Multi-cell scales MULTI-CELL SCALES

manufacture scale
To make multi-load cell weighing platforms, our range of shear beam load cells offers high performance and robustness regardless of how and in what environment your scales are to be used.

Our SB30X, SK30A and SK30X load cells are specially designed for this application, and provide excellent resistance to lateral forces, low sensitivity to changes in the load application point and have an aligned output signal to facilitate corners adjustment of the scale.
These load cells can be supplied with scale stands specially designed to limit the influence of disturbing forces.

An excellent load cellSK30X + LFA

The SK30X stainless steel load cell is approved up to 6000d OIML R60, it is IP68 sealed, can be used in explosive zones, and is typical of the high quality level that we offer you.
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