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MDX-8000 : High speed Bragg grating sensors measurement

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MDX-8000 is a high speed data acquisition unit for Bragg grating sensors. Its 8 optical channels are sampled in parallel at up to 2 kHz. As much as 128 sensors can measured simultaneously over 8 optical lines. 

The unit accepts many types of and can measure stress, temperature, pressure, acceleration, force, displacement... without buying expensive conditioning modules.

  • Available in 1 kHz or 2 kHz versions, with 4 or 8 optical lines, this unit offers numerous advanced functionalities:
  • Auto-detection of sensors defects.
  • Digital input for acquisitions synchronization
  • 4 digital outputs that can be configured on thresholds, sensor or system faults
  • Compensation of light propagation speed
  • Possibility to connect a GPS antenna for ultra-accurate data dating.
  • Data recording on internal memory or data transfer on Ethernet via TCP-IP.

The MDX-8000 embedded software integrates an extremely intuitive and user-friendly web interface that allows the setup of the entire system and sensors without having to install specific software on a PC. The MDX-8000 can be used in a fully autonomous way: once power is on, it will automatically start measurements and can store them on its internal memory.

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