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Process indicators Our indicators are able to satisfy most simple measurement display and process control needs.

Our range of indicators provides excellent flexibility by providing you with many types of displays and different programming possibilities.

You will also appreciate the connectivity of our products that have many interfaces facilitating their integration into your automated system:
    • analog output
    • RS232/RS485 digital output
    • standard communication protocols (Modbus, Profibus, etc.)
GM80 Serie GM80 Conditioner / datalogger 1000 meas./s. 0.05 %
PAX S PAX S Programmable indicator 20 meas.s. 0.02 %
PAX D PAX D for sensor +/-10V , 4/20mA 100000 pts 20 meas./s.
PAX P PAX P for sensor 0/10 V , 4/20 mA 100 000 pts 20 mes./s.
PAX DP PAX DP 2 inputs 0/10V or 4/20mA 100000 pts 20 meas./s.
PAX LD PAX LD Large indicator for sensor +/-10V, 4/20mA 100 000 pts 20 meas./s.
PAX LS PAX LS Large programmable indicator 20 meas./s. 0.02 %
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