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Load cells for weighing applications

A standard range from 200 g to 1000 t

Our know how and our experience of weighing applications has enabled us to develop and produce one of the widest ranges on the market.
Our load cells cover wide measurement ranges to satisfy all needs and are offered with different protection levels and precision classes.

Thus, most of our load cells satisfy international regulations and standards:
    • OIML, NTEP for weighing in legal for trade use
    • ATEX, FM for weighing in hazardous areas

Single point load cell AB for weighing scale construction Single point weighing load cells

from 200 g to 2000 kg
up to  6000 d
Bending and shear beam load cells for weighing application Bending or Shear beam weighing load cells

From 5 kg to 5 000 kg
up to 6 000 d
Tension and compression load cell ZFA for industrial weighing application Tension and compression weighing load cells

from 25 kg to 7 500 kg
up to 3 000 d
Compression load cell CB50X for industrial weighing applications Compression weighing load cells

From 1 t to 1000 t
up to 5 000 d
Load pin M16 Load pins

From 20 kg to 100 t
AXD digital weighing load cell for filling or dosing applications Digital weighing load cells

Single point 15 to 75 kg
Compression 20 to 60 t
Mounting hardware STABIFLEX for F60X load cell Accessories for load cells mounting

Mechanical mounting kits
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