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Since 2008, Scaime is an active member of the « Collaborative Automation Partner Program », created by Schneider Electric in order to offer even more extended automation solutions to its customers.

For this partnership, Scaime was selected to bring its know-how, product range as well as long term experience in the field of checkweighing, filling and dosing applications, taking advantage of its new eNod digital transmitter range.

Meeting the flexibility needs of OEMs and system integrators, eNod offers a validated connectivity on the Schneider Electric M340, M258 and M238 PLCs via CANopen, Modbus-TCP or Ethernet-IP networks.

eNod weighing controllers also include powerful functionality for high speed measurement transmission and application software dedicated to dosing and dynamic checkweighing.

In addition, SCAIME provides The PMESWT module, a weighing solution specifically designed for Schneider Electric.This weighing module, fully integrated on M580 Ethernet backplane or x80 RIO drop, provide a great value to the end user: Integration inside UNITY PRO via FDT/DTM, network transparency based on Ethernet backplane communication and
Hot-swap capability.



SCAIME was awarded Partner of the year 2015 and 2016 by schneider Electric

SCAIME CAPP partner of the year SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 2015SCAIME CAPP partner of the year SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 2016


Leaflet Schneider Electric
Schneider partnership presentation

Validated products:
eNod4 in Schneider Electric PLC Network

eNod weighing controllers

PMESWT for Schneider Electric M580 PLC

PMESWT weighing module for M580

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