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Displacement range A range from 0 ... 50 mm to 0 ... 43 m and 0 to 200 turns

Cable displacement sensors are extremely simple in design and are very easy to use. They can be installed on existing systems and  their robustness enables use in the most difficult environments.
By offering a wide choice of output signals, materials and measurement range, we can always provide you with a sensor adapted to your need.
We thus supply sensors for many industrial sectors such as automobiles, aeronautics, medical, assembly systems, handling, servocontrol, safety, etc.
SPD Linear displacement sensors

0 ... 50 mm to 0 ... 43 m
RT9000 Rotating displacement sensors

0 ... 1/8 to 0 ... 200 turns
Accessories Accessories for displacement sensors

Cable extensions
magnetized fasteners
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