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Loss-in-weight feeders, flow rate control

Dosing at constant and accurate flow rate ...

SCAIME offers high accuracy load cells and versatile controllers for differential gravimetric dosing scales. Easy to integrate into automated systems, these solutions include comprehensive continuous totalisation and flow rate control.

eNod4-F controller offers advanced flow rate control functionnalities to build a loss-in-weight gravimetric dosing scale.

eNod4-F continuous weighing controller takes in charge the following functions:

  • Loss-in-weight calculation of the flow rate
  • Calculation of the totalized continuous weight
  • Totalization by pulse output
  • Monitoring of a flow set point an target total
  • Flow rate monitoring by PID controller.
  • Automatic set-up of PID controller
  • Automatic control of gravimetric dosing phases and refilling phases
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