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Professional stakeholders in the food industry are increasingly demanding risk documentation about hygiene and food safety.

The hygienic standard of your production equipment is a crucial competitive parameter when it comes to winning an order or being authorized as a new supplier of machinery.

For the needs of aseptic weighing, SCAIME is one of the only supplier of hygienic load cell with EHEDG certification for the food industry.
EHEDG certified

What is the EHEDG certification ?

EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) is an association that promote hygienic design of food processing equipment.

Why choose a hygienic load cell, EHEDG certified ?

More safety...

EHEDG certification is the warranty that the load cell design is suitable for hygienic and aseptic weighing applicatio: This ensures that the cleaning in place (CIP) or sterilization in place (SIP) process eliminates all microorganisms soiling. When you choose an hygienic and asepticload cell, your production equipment complies with the strictest demands of hygiene and durability of food & beverage industry.

More productivity...

Cleanability of EHEDG certified load cell eliminates the need of protection elements (covers, seals ...) usually essential. It also reduces the duration of cleaning cycles, ensuring optimal consumption of water and cleaning products.

Rotary gravimetric weight filler with SCAIME digital load cell DVS Rotary weight filler with DVS-D load cell

DVS architecture
To meet the hygienic requirements of food filling machine manufacturers, SCAIME developed DVS. This EHEDG certified digital load cell is very easy to clean thanks to a construction without edge.


Moreover, DVS integrates electronics taking care of signal processing and complete management of the filling process. These functions dedicated to weight filling, allow the DVS control the 2-speed dosing cycle.


Each dosing chanel includes an DVS-D digital load cell connected to a PLC via a CANOpen network.
  • The PLC controls the global process, drives, and also sends the recipe parameters to the DVS-D.

  • The DVS-D takes care of weighing measurement tasks and filling control.

This architecture have been validated on high speed rotary fillers.

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