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PLC/PAC integrated weighing modules Weighing modules for Schneider Electric PLC/PAC

SCAIME offers weighing modules allowing to manage strain gage load cells and communicate weight data over the I/O chassis backplane to the processor. They provide basic weighing data and could provide algorithms to control industrial weighing processes as filling, batch dosing or flow calculation.

Schneider Electric partnership

SCAIME CAPP partnership Schneider Electric
Since 2008, Scaime is an active member of the « Collaborative Automation Partner Program », created by Schneider Electric.
For this partnership, Scaime was selected to bring its know-how and product range in the field of checkweighing, filling and dosing applications.

Weighing module SCAIME PMESWT for Schneider Electric M580 PLC/ePAC PMESWT Weighing module for PLC Schneider Electric M580 1 weighing channel Conv. 24 bits, 400 meas/s
LCD Touch panel screen Human-Machine Interface HMI for PMESWT SWTouch-S Human Machine Interface for PMESWT LCD Touch Panel 3"4 screen, display 80x40mm
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