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Sensor 2 components force/torque
These dual-axis force & torque sensors allow to measure simultaneously a force (in tension or/and compression) and a torque (in 2 directions).
They need less space and are easier to install.
The M2371 sensor is a rotating sensor and can be used up to 3 000 tr/mn speed.

Possibility to design a sensor according to your specifications.

Force and torque sensor non rotating M2396 M2396 Force & torque sensor, non rotating 0.5/5, 1/10, 1/30, 20/20, 0.5/50, 2/50 kN/Nm 0.3/0.2 %
Sensor 2 components force/torque rotating M2371 M2371 Force & torque sensor, rotating 100/2, 250/5, 500/5 N/Nm 0.4/0.2 %
Technical notes
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