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Aerospace Scaime provides force sensors for commercial or military aircraft applications. Our sensors offer custom made specifications and several gage configurations for redundancy. 
With a quality system structured to comply with aerospace requirements, our sensors are used for :

  • Flight data recorder sensing
  • Helicopter In-flight control
  • Helicopter hook control
  • Aircraft In-flight control
  • Aircraft structural testing
  • Rocket embedded sensing

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Our Philosophy: A quality without compromise...

logo EN9100SCAIME quality management system is  certified according to EN 9100:2009, dedicated to the aerospace industry. This certification allows us to design and produce onboard sensors for strain or force measurement.
The achievement of EN9100 and ISO9001 certifications confirms that SCAIME applies the highest quality standards of the aerospace business.

Download here our EN9100 certification
VPH-3Z VPH-3Z Helicopter or airplane weighing case 3 weighing chanels 5 t 1 kg
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