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Force range A standard range from 10N to 5000 KN

Our know how and expertise in the field of force measurements enables us to propose a wide range of sensors.
Force sensors are used to measure tension or compression forces with a precision of up to 0.05% with a protection level up to IP67.
We provide sensors for many industrial fields such as automobiles, aeronautics, test and inspection benches, assembly, handling, servocontrol and safety systems, etc.
M11 Force sensors in Tension-Compression

0 ... 0.01 kN 
to 0 ...  5 000 kN
K450 Force sensors in compression

0 ... 0.01 kN 
to 0 ... 5 000 kN
M16 Load pins

0 ... 0.2 kN 
to 0 ... 1 000 kN
M2371 Dual-axis force & torque sensor

0.5/5 to 20/50 kN/Nm
Mounting rods Accessories for force sensors

Mounting rods
Integrated electronics
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Technical notes
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